Network as a Service (NaaS)

More Than Just a Network

Out of Band Issues

The digital foundation of any company is its data. That data is stored in various locations and is accessed by enpoints using networks. While this may seem like an obvious statement, the important thing to understand is this: Networks are critical to the essential operation and successful function of a company. Without a solid network, businesses will fail. It can't be said any more clearly than that. Money is lost when a network is down, compromised, or even operating at a slow pace. Productivity is lost. Opportunities are lost. Encompass Solutions Group ensures that the networks are operating at a premium level. When things outside of our control, such as ISP issues, Out of band cable cuts, or inclement weather problems, Encompass Solutions Group members work with your vendors to help resolve issues as quickly as possible.

ISP Auditing and Price Negotiations

Intenet Service Providers (ISP) provide the connections between your company and the rest of the world. They will often offer incentives to gain your business. Even if you've been working with an ISP for a long period of time, there are often overlooked promotions available. ISPs tend to "let sleeping dogs lie" meaning that if you're not asking for a price break, they aren't giving you a price break.

Encompass Solutions Group has partnerships with all of the major ISPs in the region and we not only keep ourselves abreast of promotional savings, but we enter into competitive marketplace negotiations. Competition creates opportunity, and for the most part, the service provided by the major carriers are generally the same. Connectivity from point A to point B.

Equipment Vendors

While connection services are pretty much the same from one carrier to another, the equipment that you run your network on matters. Encompass Solutions Group will only install equipment from trusted vendors such as Cisco, Fortinet, Aruba, Palo Alto and other network technology global leaders. The equipment we choose is carefully thought out after we have gone through a thorough Network Design and Architecture process. Many network solutions companies will simply sell you a particular solution because thier profit margin and pertnerships dictate the solution Not at Encompass Solutions Group. It's our goal to marry price and function to create the best possible scalable solution for your long term needs.